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Amazonia Burning Series

These works were started when a satellite showed 10,000 fires burning in the Amazon rainforest.  They are a tribute to Chico Mendes, a rubber tapper who was assassinated in 1988, and Margaret Mee, a botanical artist who moved to Brazil to document the vanishing flora in the rainforest.  She died in a taxi accident in London three weeks prior to the death of Chico Mendez.

Oil Pastel Drawings   Sculptures

Orchids for Margaret Mee

For the Seringuerios


Blues for Brazil

Tribal Colors

Last Voyage Out

Black Vines

River Negro Journey


Under the Double Rainbow

Vines 2

Night of the 10,000 Fires

Rainforest Patterns


Blue Vines

Rainforest Plants


Rainforest Plants 2




Amazonia Burning




New Growth



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